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FATAH Pharmacy Management Software

Our pharmacy software solution includes a host of features that will make you more competitive while simplifying your daily routines.

Use the system’s in-depth reports to understand your business’s financials and re-order the retail products that will increase your bottom line. Offer deals, promotions and loyalty schemes to increase returning business.

Cut your costs and improve your customers’ experience with a fully integrated retail and dispensing software rich with pharmacy-specific functionalities. Manage various type of prescriptions, handle drugs effectively and let the system take care of price calculations based on various insurance schemes.

What can our software solutions do for your pharmacy ?

Gain a clear overview of your business

Manage all of your locations from headquarters. Take decisions at head office and distribute them immediately across the organization.

Manage campaigns and offers

Set up prices, offers and campaigns in advance. Distribute them across your operation and keep control over them from head office.

Handle manual and e-prescriptions

Accept both paper and electronic prescriptions. The system takes care of storing an electronic copy of paper prescription.

Give better customer service

Suggest a generic medicine instead of the branded one that was prescribed. The system will find appropriate substitutes with the same ATC code and strength.

Keep track of your stock

The LS Retail pharmacy POS terminal is not simply a sales device. Use it to check up-to-date inventory, store and location data.

Reach out to modern consumers

Notify your customers when their prescriptions are close to their last withdrawal via email, text message and mobile app notification.

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