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BPO Process

The BPO team at Fatahss is committed to comply with client requirements and continually improve service efficiency. Our competent and effective BPO services help organizations in Transformation. Transformation is about Change, it's about business improvement. Our services are delivered by a global network of technology centers, staffed with people who provide sourcing options to meet a client's unique needs, thus ensuring efficient communication and services for maximum customer satisfaction.

We offer BPO services that drive your business processes with increased productivity and improved quality. Scalability is an integral part of our project planning to handle higher volumes. Our BPO solutions are developed to not only manage your back office operations. We leverage our extensive analytics capabilities, of the data that we manage for you, to improve your operational engine through time-bound quality deliverables.

We are focused on delivering services that offer value to our clients. Fatahss’s BPO services have helped many enterprises achieve their business objectives in quick time at an exciting price.

Data Processing

Data Processing

We provide timely and accurate offshore data processing services as an assortment of data collection and entry, computer or electronic data processing, data conversion

Data Entry Services

we have been providing wide array of data entry services – online as well as offline. Whether you have few records or a million records to enter or capture.

Database Maintenance

A valid database is very important for the entrepreneurs and the management executives. Even the marketing executives rely a lot on the database .

Transcription Services

We set high standards in offering experienced and well-qualified transcriptionists, advanced software technologies offer end-to-end answers for Transcription Services.

File Conversions

File conversion helps its clients across the globe by providing data conversion services to convert large volumes of data into easily accessible format.

Online Document Retrieval

Online document retrieval depending upon how the system is set up and on which users are granted access, documents can also be retrieved globally.